about author cont.

Well, before this turns into some ‘sub’ Achtung Schweinehund memoir, I’ll sum it up as … proper wargames, historical sources, smaller scale figures and – by 1973 – the Society of Ancients.  In passing,  let me say … 1973 … The Society of Ancients?  President Tony Bath, Life Vice President Deryck Guyler, Editor Charles Grant and a Committee that reads like a who’s who of 1970s wargaming.  We were very lucky teenagers.

And it’s how I became a wargamer.  It all took a bit of a back seat while I was a student – I took Military History as a Special Subject, and wargamed against school friends during vacations … but Rugby, girls and partying are very time consuming priorities when you are an undergraduate – nevertheless, the damage was done, and historical wargaming is what I do.  I joined the Society of Ancients Committee in 1988, becoming president in 1998, and again in 2006.  I take on a heavy commitment to the programme of wargames shows, and my interests in other periods often take a long time to come to fruition (if they ever make it past the indulgent weekly scrutiny of Northamptonshire’s finest collection of wargames enthusiasts …)..

Northamptonshire?  I moved here in 1992, and, within 10 miles, that made Naseby my local Battlefield.  OK, these projects do take time.

*… and yes, I do still have some of those figures!


3 Comments on “about author cont.”

  1. Struan Says:

    Hi Phil – do you have an email address?

    • yesthatphil Says:

      Hi, Struan, I generally try to deal with issues via ‘comments’, but you can use yesthatphil’at’yahoo.co.uk … please do not republish the address with reference back

  2. Chas Singleton Says:

    Hi, how do we get in touch to book a Naseby demo game please?

    Chas Singleton

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