Naseby Battlefield Winter Tour 2018

Naseby Winter Tour 18 01

A few hardy souls braved the last weekend of November and joined Naseby guides and trustees for a trip around the battlefield.

In fact, the weather, though overcast, was kind.

Additionally to the now regular value added by reenactors and living history enthusiasts, a special event this time was the return of one of Okey’s dragoons to Sulby hedge.

Naseby Winter Tour 18 02(New Model infantry at the Cromwell monument)

We looked at officers and ensigns at Fairfax, musketeers at Cromwell and everybody finished up at Sulby spotting the dragoon and firing off final volleys.

Naseby Winter Tour 18 03

Naseby Winter Tour 18 05

Naseby Winter Tour 18 04

The views of the battlefield are relatively unobscured by foliage in Winter.

Naseby Winter Tour 18 05a(the Eastern flank of the battlefield – where Cromwell’s cavalry defeated Langdale’s Northern Horse)

We had access to the paddock at Prince Rupert’s Farm for this tour, and the possibility of walking through to the Sulby viewpoint (so across the Royalist cavalry wing.  Due to the weather, however (mud!) we opted to drive round.

Naseby Winter Tour 18 06(the view of Sulby hedge –  left – from the North: Okey’s men deployed in the field directly in front of you)

Here, dragoon Alan gave a splendid presentation – on horseback – of dragoon equipment and tactics … and cantered either side of the hedge so visitors could get a feel for the narrative …

Naseby Winter Tour 18 09.jpg

Naseby Winter Tour 18 07.jpg

Menacingly seen through the foliage …

Naseby Winter Tour 18 07a

After which the musketeers delivered a final few volleys …

Naseby Winter Tour 18 08.jpg

This was all tremendous entertainment for the visitors – and a cut above a regular battlefield walk  … of course, Naseby is one of the best documented and securely identified battlefields in Britain,  so as well as the costume and equipment, at Naseby you really are seeing the battlefield.

As for the hedge … well it will have changed a lot over the centuries … and it was probably much bigger then … and the battle was in June so it would all have been much more bushy …

Nevertheless, Okey’s story is one of those ripping yarns that needs to be explored further.

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