The Battlefields Trust AGM

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 01

This year’s Battlefields Trust AGM and Conference had a  number of interesting sessions for the ECW enthusiast …

Mark Hornsby and Phil Philo explained a lovely model Mark had constructed of the manoeuvres and actions at Piercebridge in 1642 in 6 and 2mm …

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 02

Great stuff displayed alongside the very different approach I have used for Naseby.

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 03

You will have doubtless seen the Naseby model before but here are some details from Piercebridge …

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 05.jpg

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 04

Several of the talks were on our period also … Kevin Winter (NCWC) did a presentation on the development of armour … Simon Marsh presented a summary of the work (and the evidence) on the bridge of boats project …

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 06

… but very specific to this conference (in Durham), we had a talk on the Dunbar bodies found adjacent to the cathedral … victims of the death march and (in many case, fatal) incarceration of prisoners from the battle of Dunbar …

Durham University Archaeology Project

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 07

We walked into the city and visited the site and the exhibition …

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 06a

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 08

Well worth an hour or so of your time.   A fascinating story.  Most did not survive the horrifying ordeal.  Many of those that did found a new life after transportation and a decade of servitude in New England.  A brilliant example of research.

We also visited the reinterment site and paid our respects.

BT 2018 AGM Con ECW 09

(the Battlefields Trust delegates honour the deceased captives of the 1650 Battle of Dunbar)

Think about joining the Battlefields Trust and look out for the 2019 Conference/AGM.

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One Comment on “The Battlefields Trust AGM”

  1. David N Says:

    Hello, I was very interested in the model constructed by Mark, can it be viewed anywhere else on the web ? Does Mark have a Twitter account ??



    To learn more about Foremist Computing click the link below.


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