Campaign 2017 … the Naseby display

Campaign 2017 Naseby 01

It’s a familair story but one we never tire of telling.   Here are some shots of the Naseby game from this year’s Campaign (public display, The Centre, Milton Keynes in May … ).

Campaign 2017 Naseby 02

(the armies arrayed on Broadmoor)

Campaign 2017 Naseby 03

Skippon anchors the Western end of the New Model line on the ridge a mile or so North of Naseby village.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 04

While Cromwell massed his cavalry on Parliament’s right, vastly outnumbering Langdale’s Northern Horse.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 06

In like fashion, the King’s best cavarly were stationed on their right wing, opposite Henry Ireton and hard against Sulby Hedge.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 06a

The King’s infantry were arrayed in three large battaglia in the centre.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 07

The Royalists also employed a significant reserve, mixing Horse and Foot.

Apparently at Cromwell’s suggestion, Parliament had infiltrated Col. Okey’s regiment of dragoons into the closes along Sulby Hedge …

Campaign 2017 Naseby 08

… and the battle opened with the dragoons pouring fire into Maurice’s flank.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 09

As the King’s centre attacked, it encountered a Forlorn Hope stationed in to foot of the valley.

Campaign 2017 05

And Cromwell’s cavalry poured over the crest of the old rabbit warren …

Campaign 2017 Naseby 11

As this ‘bird’s eye’ shot shows, Cromwell moving forward while the rest of the army held the ridge prevented Langdale from protecting the flank of the King’s infantry as it made the uphill attack.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 12

The battle, viewed from the South West.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 13

Battle is joined on Closter Hill … the King’s army driving forward.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 14

Meanwhile, Rupert and Maurice disperse Ireton’s cavalry and pursue into Parliament’s rear.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 15

Needing to be in overall command during the key phases of battle, Rupert is reported as being shot at by the artillery train Firelocks, out of contact with his senior officers …

Campaign 2017 Naseby 16

Langdale is driven from the field, and Cromwell’s rear lines turn in on the King’s centre ..

Campaign 2017 Naseby 17

The key moments viewed from Okey’s position in Sulby Closes.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 18

The King’s infantry are surrounded and surrender.

Campaign 2017 Naseby 19

Although Thomas Fairfax commanded the army, Cromwell’s name will always be foremost in the story of the victory at Naseby on the 14th June 1645.

Naseby battlefield is in the process of major Lottery Fund bid to build a Visitor Centre at All Saints church, in the village (and which was the scene of some of the events earlier in the day of battle) …

Any help you can give will be hugely valuable in achieving this vision.


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  1. Chris Kemp Says:

    Very nice indeed, Phil.

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