Naseby in Miniature … (The Other Partizan, May 2016, Newark)

13263959_10204757413453527_4729155320208476746_n(Naseby 1645: a miniature version of the battle ‘dropped into’ Streeter’s famous projection of the battlefield)

Earlier in the Summer, in association with The Battlefields Trust and Northampton Battlefields Society, we put on the wargame version of the battle at Newark’s Summer show …

Making best use of the set up, rather than play the battle through as a game, I moved the pieces forward roughly in accordance with our understanding of the battle to create a series of tableaux …

With the addition of a couple of set-up scenes to complete the narrative, here is a miniature battle of Naseby.

14th June 1645 … 8:00 am


Fairfax and Cromwell ride forward and see the Royalist army deploying to the North …

They pick a the gentler ridge the South side of Broadmoor as a position where Rupert might be prompted to attack them.

naseby-narrative-16-01a(what they might have seen: the model landscape dropped into today’s view of the battlefield from the ‘Fairfax Viewpoint’)

Meanwhile, although they know it is close, the Royalists are unsure of the exact whereabouts of Parliament’s army.

The New Model army draws up on the ridge of Closter Hill, Skippon’s regiment taking the end of the infantry line, the grazing cows were brought in and a forlorn hope was sent forward into the foot of the valley….


Cromwell sends Colonel Okey and his dragoons to ambush the King’s army…


Behind Parliament’s lines several detachments were deployed as rearguards, and further back a ring of firelocks were guarding the artillery train …


The armies deploy on opposite sides of Broadmoor

naseby-narrative-16-02(Naseby – the opening positions viewed from the Royalist side: in this picture from Newark, the opening shots are being fired)

9:00 am …


the Dragoons open fire into Prince Maurice’s cavalry throwing the planned attack into confusion.


Rupert takes personal command of the cavalry and they ride forward, reorganising in the foot of the valley before mutually attacking Ireton’s cavalry on Parliament’s left.

The musketeers attached to support the cavalry attack have been drawn into the firefight with Okey’s ambush …


10:00 am …

… the foot begin their assault on the New Model infantry on Closter Hill


… the first opposition is from the Forlorn Hope …


… then they make the uphill attack into the New Model regiments just back from the crest of the ridge …


… in the dip of the valley, the approaching foot had dropped out of sight only reemerging as they crested the slope – few shots were got off as the men charged into personal combat with musket butt and tuck.


Naseby 370 12a


(Naseby 1645: the infantry ofboth sides go straight to ‘push of pike’ and fight ‘with musket butt and tuck’)

Cromwell and Langdale’s cavalry wings engage ..


Maurice forces Ireton’s men backwards


Astley’s foot gradually prevail on the ridge


Cromwell’s cavalry force Langdale’s Northern Horse a quarter mile off the battlefield


11:00 am …

Maurice’s cavalry pursue the broken elements of Ireton’s wing off the battlefield but fail to find a way round Parliament’s flank


The King must now launch the reserves to prevent Cromwell using his remaining cavalry to encircle the foot on Closter Hill …


The King is disuaded by his courtiers and is led from the battlefield.

12:00 …

Cromwell’s reserves now close around the King’s infantry, isolated in their winning fight on Closter Hill …


Surrounded, most of King’s infantry now surrender

1:00 pm …

Most of the King’s army is now in flight.


The Bluecoats stand like a wall of brass covering the retreat


The retreat and pursuit carries on all afternoon with localised firefights breaking in the roads and fields on the way to Market Harborough.   The massed surrender of Royalists meant this was the decisive battle of the war, and amongst the baggage captured after the battle were papers which were subsequently used to put the King on trial.

On June 14th 1645, in a field in the parish of Naseby, the war for the style of government in England was won by Parliament.

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2 Comments on “Naseby in Miniature … (The Other Partizan, May 2016, Newark)”

  1. Hil Says:

    Absolutely stunning and inspirational.

  2. Dude, your work is amazing. Kudos to you!

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