Naseby Battlefield Project at Milton Keynes

Campaign 2015 21

I took along the Naseby battlefield layout to help promote the upcoming Naseby 370 event.

This will be on display in the visitor area, along with the Battlefields Trust, The Pike & Shot Society, wargames from the Phoenix Group and lots of other family and enthusiast activities to support your day out.

Campaign 2015 07

I have had the soldier collection that did the round of shows some while back refurbished … fitted with Fluttering Flags and rebased … the flags are intentionally generic with a flavour of 1645 (and should allow other battles to be modelled of course ) … Worth a look, nevertheless, I hope …

Campaign 2015 08

Campaign 2015 09

Campaign 2015 10

We did not play through the battle as a wargame but moved the pieces during the course of each day as an instructional tableau adding hamster bedding to mark the firing (which – a pleasant surprise – immediately drew the attention of passing shoppers) …

Campaign 2015 15(the battle opens with Okey’s dragoons firing into the flank of the King’s cavalry)

Campaign 2015 16(the King’s army advances across Broadmoor to take on the New Model Army)

Campaign 2015 17(Parliament’s red-coated infantry await their baptism of fire)

Campaign 2015 28(Naseby: mid-afternoon)

Campaign 2015 29(the King’s reserve does not commit and Cromwell’s cavalry reserves are able to enclose the infantry fighting on Closter Hill)

Campaign 2015 20

Well, a great show and 2 splendid day’s out explaining Northamptonshire’s military heritage to the shoppers of Milton Keynes.

Thank you, everyone who stopped, for your interest in our project and I hope you enjoyed the exhibits.

Please come along to the big event in June: Naseby 370

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3 Comments on “Naseby Battlefield Project at Milton Keynes”

  1. carlkingwargaming Says:

    hi Phil seen your reply re info sent, but not seen an email / message from you, please can you email me direct cheers

  2. carlkingwargaming Says:

    morning Phil could you contact Paul urgently re Naseby event, and could you let us know re below (have cc’d him on this) are there showers on site? will we have a power source in the marquee so we can use a kettle etc will there be food available in the evening. can we sleep in the marquee (helpful as otherwise some of us will need to buy tents, which I would rather not do), and are we ok to go on the friday night? if yes to Friday arrival, from what time can we arrive, and if not what time sat’y morning is there a bar open at night cheers carl – phoenix gaming

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