Newark’s Big Weekend …

NCWC event 01

May Bank Holiday saw a spectacular event in Newark: Fortress Newark saw the town invaded by hundreds (over a thousand I understand) Civil War soldiers, commemorating the sieges and welcoming into existence the new National Civil War Centre.

It was a huge event and I only have a little camera (but maybe I can give a flavour of the spectacle) …

NCWC event 02(living history at Newark Castle)

NCWC event 03(some of the besiegers at the castle)

NCWC event 04(youngsters watching how traditional smithing works)

There were drill demos and more stalls in the town square

NCWC event 05(Civil War soldiers demonstrate drills in Newark’s historic town square)

NCWC event 06(youngsters learn traditional soldiers games)

And on the fringes of the town, at the Queen’s Sconce, there was a full-on battle fought out …

NCWC event 07

NCWC event 10(Newark: the King’s army mustering behind the lines)

NCWC event 08

NCWC event 11(the King’s guns bear down on Newark)

NCWC event 09(the army of Parliament at the Queen’s Sconce)

The National Civil War Centre …

Although I had been up some time back for some advice from the Museum team in Newark (who have been very supportive of the work we are doing at Naseby), this was my first look inside the newly opened Civil War Gallery.

Reassuringly, it was very busy.

NCWC event 12

NCWC event 13(given it has to be full of interpretation and buttons to push, there were plenty of proper Museum exhibits)

NCWC event 15

NCWC event 14(there are some more flags to go up, I’m told)

Well, what a splendid day … so much to see – a really big show to establish Newark’s Civil War heritage!

Don’t forget to come to Naseby next month

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