ECW History … Live!

History Live! 14 29(all smiles on the Battlefields Trust stand at History Live! 2014)

I was able to have 2 days assisting the Battlefields Trust at History Live again this year, and although mostly manning and explaining my Battle of ¬†Northampton display*, added a few more pictures to my collection …

History Live! 14 25

History Live! 14 28

History Live! 14 27

History Live! 14 26

Give or take the violent electrical storms (which, mercifully, mostly struck overnight) it was a warm, at times, sweltering weekend and the public turned out in numbers, especially on the Sunday …

History Live! 14 31(History Live! 2014: a beautiful summer Sunday in Northamptonshire)

The event brings history to life, especially military history, and has plenty to get youngsters involved, from impromptu theatre …

History Live! 14 32

… to the very busy wargames tent (historical wargames to join in presented by the Phoenix club of Rushden)

History Live! 14 30

… History for all the family and a lively and compelling event from English Heritage

*for a more general report on the event, see Ancients on the Move/History Live!

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One Comment on “ECW History … Live!”

  1. Jonathan Freitag Says:

    Great photos! The pikes look shorter and thicker than I imagined.

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