Wargaming the Pike & Shot period/updates

Bringing projects up to date … We have previously looked at my standard wargame, Advanced Armati, together with Graham’s VWS (good), Neil Thomas (needs fixing), as well as less convincing solutions such as Pike and Shotte and 1644.

I’m relatively happy with FoG-R … it shares the confusion of separating regimental soldiers out by weapon (generally where Warhammer style rules fall apart when faced with the undifferentiated combat of the Civil War) … but does its best to make the troops fight in plausible formation blocks.

FoG-R 01

FoG-R covers a relatively long period of warfare … pretty much from bombards to bayonets … so a complex mechanic tuned by army lists and period specific formations is the order of the day.

Giving FoG-R some table time, I set up a generic game for people to try out using Trebian’s 25mm collection from yesteryear.

FoG-R 02

Not ECW, then, but I’m sure you will enjoy some shots of the game.

FoG-R 03

Henry IV‘s French lined up to attack some Spanish opposition so we presume this is the 1590s …

FoG-R 04

FoG doesn’t exactly rattle along at the pace we are used to (it is a complex alternate move game with lots of nuances to understand)  … and I confess I wasn’t able to push it along as knowledgeably as I would had it been Armati, or even the ancients version of FoG.

Nevertheless we got around 80% of a conclusion in a three hours or so from an approximately 850 point game.

FoG-R 05

There are a number of problems with the assumptions the game makes and it is very dice happy – but it doesn’t malfunction regularly and maintains a more or loss good look with some plausible narratives.

FoG-R 06

This followed an initial look at Langport a few weeks back using Treb’s layout and figures combined with a version of Advanced Armati similar to what we have used previously for Naseby and Newbury.

Here are some shots from the game …

Langport trial 01

While his train begins its withdrawal, Goring slows Fairfax by covering the road with artillery and forlorn hopes …

Langport trial 02

Musketeers are driving Royalist shot out of the fields and marsh around Langport ford …

Langport trial 03

(figures are Peter Pig 15mm on 30×30 bases from Treb’s collection)

Langport trial 03a

Audaciously, Fairfax throws the best of his cavalry in columns up the lane …

Langport trial 04

And manages to force a way out onto the slopes of the ridge, driving Goring back …

Langport trial 06

Parliament pushes on to victory …

Provided Goring doesn’t try anything too proactive, this battle runs reasonably well to the historical script.   Determination is more important than disorder.

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One Comment on “Wargaming the Pike & Shot period/updates”

  1. Demitris Says:

    Looks great! Glad to have found your material as I am new to ECW, have found quite a lot on Kent Revolts, which I’ve played one action. Though finding it difficult finding numbers and skirmishes.

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