Campaign 2013 – promoting the Naseby Family Day

Although I was mostly on duty with the Society of Ancients, I took the Naseby game along to Campaign to help promote the Naseby Family Day

Naseby @ MK 01This was an important exercise in gearing up for next month, and in checking out all the little bits and pieces.   In particular reconfiguring the information panels.   It also seemed popular with the shoppers …

Somehow, real historical battles seem to make more sense to visitors than made up battles and tournament play.

One young woman was struggling to ‘get it’, however and asked me if it was like Call of Duty, but played with little soldiers.   I think she missed the playful nuance when I replied that Call of Duty was just a wargame played on a computer

Naseby @ MK 02(Rupert’s Regiment explain the battle of Naseby)

MKWS had stationed us next to Prince Rupert’s Regiment, and they very helpfully mucked in explaining the battlefield to browsers when I was supervising games of Bosworth on the Society stand.

Great show – I hope we did some good.

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One Comment on “Campaign 2013 – promoting the Naseby Family Day”

  1. TWR Says:

    A couple of good photos of your Naseby game. It is great to see 15mm demo games which look good.

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