Commanders at Newbury

I had to come up with some additional commanders for the Newbury game, which I have tidied up and photographed.

For the purposes of the reconstruction, I had the King sitting in the middle with Goring commanding the cavalry reserve.   In the west Maurice defended against Waller and Skippon with Cromwell and Balfour exploring the flanks; in the East, Astley defended against Manchester.  Such was my Dramatis Personae ..

So I needed new personalities for Manchester, Waller, Goring and Balfour.

Personalising the characters is not easy of course: such are the fashions and conventions of the 17th Century that they all look pretty much the same (especially when you translate what we have into 15mm!) … old-fashioned armour or fancy clothing if it is a portrait, flowing locks and goatees de rigueur …  In the field, they would more likely have worn long coats and brimmed hats (which isn’t much better I think) …

Of course, the real men would have been of differing stature (say, Rupert and the King!), complexion, age and colouring (all of which are immediately obvious in real people).  So here’s my take …

Goring, Manchester, Balfour and Waller …

The portrait of Manchester is a little later but I couldn’t resist its obvious opulence (which perhaps suggests an absence of puritanical zeal?) so have afforded him a little more lace than I would otherwise have allowed.

Are there any references to horse colours for any of these Civil War commanders?   Are those in contemporary portraits (and derivative modern reconstructions …) based on documented knowledge (so and so’s bay mare, or what have you) – or are they just artistic licence?

Meanwhile, here’s that postcard of a ‘reconstructed’ Donnington Castle (used, I believe, for a first day cover) …

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