Newbury 1643

The First Battle of Newbury

This is just a snapshot of the ‘League of Historical Gamers’/WAR English Civil War game at Warfare 2011 (Reading, Rivermead Centre).

I’m posting it for a few reasons.

I have decided the next proper project will be the 1644 Battle of Newbury – and have tentatively offered it to the Pike & Shot Society for Colours 2012 … Inevitably that leads from considering the Newbury fights and deciding that 1644 offered more interest and less complication.

Also, some might argue it leads directly to the 1645 campaign and the New Model, and so dovetails with my Naseby project.

Chatting to the presenters, they thought 1644 too complex and sprawling, and that a battle in amongst all those allotments would be much easier to do …  Makes you think.

I also commented back in January that FoG-R, Field of Glory Renaissance, would be an interesting addition to the rules stable and that I wondered to what extent we would see it being used to do historical battles and show games …  well, not much, but this was one.

Of course I also wondered about scale – and all those new 28mm figures.   Well this wasn’t just 15mm, it was venerable 15mm (Minifigs strips, just like the ones Steve lent me for the Naseby project: you have to say people got very good value when they bought those figures) …

Talking to the Historical Gamers, their reconstruction was in part based on joining Chris Scott for a battlefield walk at Newbury … where, of course, all those hedges have been cleared.   An interesting touchstone.  I, too, would recommend joining one of the many Battlefields Trust walks as a beginning to understanding the jigsaw of these ECW battles.

Ironically, at Naseby the mental exercise is looking at a landscape patchworked with hedges and imagining them not there; at Newbury the challenge is reversed and you have to build them back in.

I think you will agree they did a good job.  I found the terrain for this game fascinating.   You’d have to say there is a case for using a squared game for this battle rather than FoG’s measured movement.

More on the Reading show

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2 Comments on “Newbury 1643”

  1. Trebian Says:

    Newbury will be a real challenge because of the sprawlibg nature of the battlefield, the issues with co-ordination and the actual terrain itself.

    Plus you can’t visit the battlefield anymore as it is under housing, mostly.

  2. Will Whyler Says:

    I like the idea of Newbury 1644 and look forward to the playresting!

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