Some local colour …

This is just tying up the latest work on the Naseby Battlefield collection.  Mostly visual enhancements and local colour

I tidied up the Forlorn Hopes and Attached Shot (they have been masquerading as finished for a while but have not had their bases done etc.) …mostly Minifigs, Matchlock and Piggies deployed as 'SI'(Mostly Minifigs, Matchlock and Piggies deployed as (double frontage) ‘SI’)

I also provided the long-awaited horseholders and proper mounted versions for the New Model Dragoons:

…although I think I will need to double the number of stands in the mounted regiment better to represent the numbers.   I also decided is was about time I based up some Firelocks specifically to create a ring around the artillery train …These work extremely well, and I am very pleased.  I think a little column of the ring bases would look fine moving along roads and such-like … so although they are basically a Naseby vignette, I think they are generally going to be useful … (they follow Streeter’s depiction, of course) ..

Some Equipment for the Firelocks to Guard

(that magnificent gun – too big to be deployed on the battlefield, of course (see Streeter) – is by Donnington Miniatures)

Also in the Parliamentarian rear areas (see Streeter, by the windmill*) …

Onlookers from the village of Naseby

(Peter Pig WA civilians around a woman from  PP’s Pirate range)

And a Parliamentarian interpretation of the kind of ladies you would find in the Royalist rear areas …(a Thistle and Rose harlot plus some adapted Peter Pig figures)

To make the display easier to understand for enthusiasts who have visited the battlefield, I created a couple of markers to locate prominent modern features on the terrain

Naseby Battlefield visitor markers

The Cromwell Monument marker is used to locate the point (just in front of where Montague’s Regiment deployed) where todays monument stands.   Will’s Nettlepatch marks the position behind the hedge (just about the position of Hardress Waller’s Regiment) where Will famously dived into headlong into the nettles on the 2010 Battlefields Trust walk …  With these two positions marked it should be clear how the model soldier version related to the battlefield today.

To finish, here’s a line up of the tidied-up artillery pieces

*so like this perhaps …

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