Dispatches from the front

Many thanks to Neil and friends from Nantwich for talking me through their Battle of Worcester display at Partizan 2011.

Well, it looked good enough to share with you on ecwbattles … but more … the game was geared to Piquet (much praised by Neil, but not a system I have tried outside the ancients period: so worthy of inclusion for that reason).  Further, I like sieges and combined operations (all of which was probably more a feature of the Civil War than the open field battles we generally focus on) …

I’ve captioned the picture ‘a’ rather than ‘the’ battle of Worcester, as the display was presented very much as a ‘what if’.

Leslie's men holding the walls

The King's finest

Nonetheless, there is a lot here to admire – and it almost makes you want to do the period in 28mm.

(click on the pictures to see a bigger image)

I had pretty much decided that my next battle should be Newbury (as suits Colours as a potential exhibition outing), but I rather liked the look of all this (maybe it should be a pukka siege, next up …).

I hope you like the pictures

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One Comment on “Dispatches from the front”

  1. Will Whyler Says:

    The pictures were splendid. An excellent diorama and game.

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