Some new pictures

A scene from last weeks ‘Victory without Squares’ outing for Graham’s recently completed Scots …

But, before that, I was well impressed with the Miniature Militia‘s Siege of York  (approaches to) game at Salute.

1644, outside York

I had to shake them by the hand – it was so refreshing to see a game presentation that was not rectangular – my photo doesn’t quite capture that this table was round.   Their rationale is that the shape allows reasonably easy reaching from all sides.

Of course,  I just liked it because it was one of relatively few examples of thinking outside the box.

The game was set in 1644, and represented the first actions outside the city as Fairfax and Manchester’s Parliamentarians began to attack the northern Royalist stronghold.

The rules used were the Perfect Captain‘s … though you wouldn’t know that by the presentation (I am used to PC games being covered in little markers!).   The scale was 28mm.

All aspects of the presentation were excellent, and the guys on the stand were friendly and informative.  I couldn’t tell you what make the figures are, but they look like the usual 28mm stuff (just the finish is quite good in this case).

One of the more interesting exhibits at a rather predictable Salute.

There is more info on their blog … here: (Saxon Dog Wargames Blog)

Back to those Scots.  Parliament was tasked with ejecting an unwelcome Scottish intervention, and did so with great aplomb.   The English had more and better cavalry, but rather fewer foot – so sought to bring about a sharp action on the flanks whilst being none too aggressive in the centre …

Victory against the Scots (flank and left centre)

The rules used were Graham’s Victory without Squares, and they gave us a satisfying resolution of this action within a couple of hours.  I generally don’t like the extremes of outcome the system gives, and how it can bog the game down into indecisiveness (as both sides become randomly disordered and unable to exploit their advantages).

Lots of Blue Bonnets

That was less of a problem in this game and the Scots were put to the sword in reasonable time.

Graham has done an excellent job of churning out a plentiful supply of these more boringly attired troops in the Civil War period, and has thus opened up more battles to his long-term ‘fight them all’ project.

This time out, for all their blue bonnets, the going was tough.  Bring more cavalry next time.

(Peter Pig 15mm figures by Graham Evans)

Disordered and surrounded is not good for you.

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4 Comments on “Some new pictures”

  1. yesthatphil Says:

    *Whole regiments done in an evening.*

    Indeed! Now it’s you having a laugh 🙂 !


  2. Trebian Says:

    “Churning out……the more boringly attired”

    How dare you, – that’s my finest paintwork 🙂

    • yesthatphil Says:

      I’m glad you put the smiley there. I meant it as a compliment – I think lovingly producing a large quantity of a (may I say) somewhat repetitive uniform is a heroic task such as I would find very challenging.

      pS I think there is a typo (I think I meant ‘these’ boringly attired not ‘the’ …it is the Scots uniform, in particular, that is boring)

      🙂 Good work

      And it seems we all liked the game


      • Trebian Says:

        The Scots were surprisingly relaxing to paint. No thought required at all. Coats grey, bonnets blue. Whole regiments done in an evening. Plus nice geometric flags that are easy to draw!

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