Terrain Marker

In the original version of Naseby, I didn’t have a terrain marker for the old rabbit warren over which Cromwell fought Langdale.  So … 15mm rabbits?  Actually, Magister Militum have some Middle Kingdom Egyptian standards that feature animal images (OMK002, I believe) one of which is a rabbit (or hare) ..  It is, in fact a very crisp and attractive model …

3 of these clipped off will do just nicely

the MM rabbits fixed amongst some cork offcuts

I have mounted them on a 40mm diameter plastic base – part of which is broken through to show the terrain underneath (my way of representing the extensive holes through which the horses would have had to pick their way …Rabbits!

Yes – genuinely some of the smallest figures I have added to my collection … but they probably had their impact on the day …

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