A Man in a Red Hat

A couple of things come up after much discussion …

One interpretation suggests really that the right wing cavalry would be commanded by Maurice and that Rupert would have been in the centre commanding the army.  Rupert probably only gravitated to the right wing when a firefight breaks out between the musketeers attached to the Royalist right and Okey’s men in the hedges.

What about the report of Rupert later down amongst the persuers at the Artillery train?  Well, of course, no evidence it  actually was Rupert … just a man in a red hat … just like the one Fiarfax wore ..

Well, I decided not only that Rupert was wearing the wrong hat but that I needed a figure for Maurice …

rupert as originally depicted

And a little swapping is in order

and a Rupert look that’s a little closer to the contemporary image.

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