ECW at Kelmarsh Festival of History

English Heritage hosts a Festival of History at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire every July.  Just over the fields from Naseby, it has a strong English Civil War theme.  Here are some pictures from the ‘Naseby’ reenactors display this weekend.Kelmarsh ECW 01

Light artillery pieces move up to support the troops …

Kelmarsh ECW 03

Kelmarsh ECW 02

Cavalry harass the Parliamentarian lines …

Kelmarsh ECW 04

Quite an abundance of stuff on a lovely sunny afternoon (I was fortunate to be there on the Saturday – we were playing Armati at the Stoke Challenge on the Sunday …)…

The general theme of the commentary was that the function of Horse was to harass and stall the enemy’s Foot, and, otherwise to prevent the enemy Horse from doing likewise.  This works fine on the rather symbolic level of a few hundred reenactors … but is it the key to Rupert’s desire to see the Horse and Foot work together?  The first function may work well on campaign and in managing retreat – but in pitched battle the cavalry are pushed to the flanks (presumably the sheer weight of shot – from musket and artillery combined – would be too much) …

More to follow …

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5 Comments on “ECW at Kelmarsh Festival of History”

  1. […] e.g. here and here …)  That was last year – great stuff.  Great day […]

  2. carl Says:

    hi, could someone let me know if there is to be another event at Knuston Hall this year (2010) and how we can attend as our club is based in Rushden, so is literally on the doorstep.

    we even tried to use Knuston hall as our club base but couldn’t get a regular room each week so had to find somewhere else which was a shame as its a lovely setting.

    thanks in advance

    carl king – phoenix gaming club

  3. carl Says:

    hi, nice pics of the event and the gaming table.

    the club i attend ran a wargames tent again this year and did ECW in there with Warlord Games.

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