Going public

Reenactors 01 So, I’ve spent a few evenings since COW loading stuff up here.  It is far from finished, of course (it is a blog, not a website), and I hope that some visitors may help with the task.  My main purpose with the posting side will be to discuss what I’m doing constructing and finishing the miniature armies, explaining some of the nuances of my ECW spin on Armati, and thinking aloud about the warfare of the period and the layout at Naseby in particular.  Meanwhile, as much as I can, I will be loading up material I collect on the relevant pages.

I am particularly keen to get people’s input on the Bibliography page: what do you think are the key book for a project like this?  Foard?  Wanklyn?  Peter Young, maybe? I had a useful chat with Martin Marix Evans this evening (who heads up the Naseby project): he thinks the Osprey campaign series book is a good and up-to-date a guide to his  understanding of the battlefield (though there are some new discoveries yet to be published …)…  if you recommend it, I will look at it.  If you send me some useful details (e.g. by email), I will paste them on to the Bibliography page.

As for figures, I am working in 15mm (so as to deliver a transportable game (about 4×4) that will play in about 2 hours or so, at a show.  The mix will be some authentic units from Naseby and some more generic ‘filler’ (too late to rethink that side, I’m afraid) – and the figures I am using are mostly a mix of old minifigs and new Peter Pig.Naseby development game 01-a

For musings, I am interested in the mechanics of combat and how these translate into the mechanics of the wargame.  In Armati terms, for instance … try cavalry melee, and the hierarchy of sword, pistol, charge and countercharge (who has impetus and what effect the shots might have) and – one of my key ideas from studying the period – how disorder affects the speed at which the combat is resolved.  More to come.

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One Comment on “Going public”

  1. Phil Says:

    For anyone who is interested, this August bank holiday weekend, the Sealed knot will be performing their largest live muster of the year at Basing House.

    See http://www3.hants.gov.uk/museum/basing-house.htm for full details of the event and http://www.rawdons.com for details of one of the host regiments.

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