COW 2009

Knuston Hall 4th JulyKnuston Hall

Wargames Developments – the Conference of Wargamers.

Saturday morning, we played through a test game of Naseby.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  The game went very well and the kind and supportive comments were much appreciated.

No – well I guess it didn’t go entirely to the historical script.   Rupert took forever to break through Ireton’s cavalry wing, and on the other side, although Cromwell prevailed, old Jacob Astley went back personally and directed a unit of horse to whell left and plug the gap that Langdale’s retreating units were leaving on his flank.

In the centre, things did not go so well for the king.  The New Model’s musketry was better than the shooting odds would have suggested, and the combination of firepower and the slope proved too much on this occasion.  Although the combined tertias caused great damage they had just taken too much shot on the way in, and began to falter.

countering Astley’s timely intervention of the reserve, Fairfax personally joined some of Cromwell’s second line cavalry but was unhorsed in a vigorous action.  It remained to be seen whether this calamity was fatal, and the Parliamentarians, holding the field, were searching the field in the aftermath for their valiant commander.Naseby development game 02

(part completed figures in the test game of the Naseby game due for Colours in September)

And the King?  Well, as the infantry began to fall back in disarray, the players were asked whether his majesty would ‘go upon his death’ (personally commit the last reserves) or endeavour to withdraw what might be salvaged of the army.  The latter course was chosen and the game concluded.

For a complete view of what went on at COW 2009, and plenty of photos, you can do no better than visit Bob Cordery’s Blog by clicking the link Wargame Miscellany …

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